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Building on a strong basis

1With a long-term view, careful financial management, focus on values, besides we have all the knowledge and expertise required in the induction heating technology, since more than 12 years we have made this company’s strategic planning. Also high on the agenda is investment in the areas of technological development and on-the-job training, motivation and qualification of core employees. On this basis, Luzars creates induction heating solutions, induction hardening maquila and induction brazing maquila which enable our customers to keep well ahead of the competition.

The only one state-of-the-art induction heating Mexican company

CIMG4577We are very proud to be the only one high tech induction heating Mexican company with the goal of becoming the offer with the more reliable technology and the best ratio Quality-Service-Price you can get in Mexico related to induction heating power supplies, induction heating applications, induction hardening maquila and induction brazing maquila.

This Goal commits us to further develop our entire team to continue delivering products and services of the highest quality. We will continue to invest in technological developments to meet the challenges of new emerging applications, so our current and future customers can be assured that they will find in our company a personal and professional attention as they deserve.


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Conjunto Industrial San Antonio. Carr. Al Campo Militar # 305 Int K. Col. San Antonio de la Punta Querétaro, Qro., México, CP 76135,México.