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head of marketing area
"Every day is a day of learning new things in Luzars, I am grateful since I have been given the opportunity to venture into different areas and thus be able to have a broader vision of what the Luzars culture can offer


Mechanical technician

" At Luzars I learn every day about my career, since they take the time to teach me and help me improve my way of developing in it and in the different challenges that arise. They drive me to continue growing in a professional-personal way inside and outside the company


Head of the Thermal Treatments area "Luzars Heating Treatments, is an area where I was given the opportunity to have my first job at a professional level, thanks to that I have grown as a human being and a professional, I feel happy to belong to this organization and grateful for the opportunity they have given me and the support I have always had, Luzars is a company that believed in my abilities and knowledge.


Assembly Technician

"Luzars is the company in which I have been trained, he gave me his hand and his trust, today I am still here learning and contributing day by day with my work. It is an expanding company with which I will always be grateful


Intern in the Marketing area.
"Luzars Induction Heating is the perfect place to develop your skills; it has a creative, dynamic and continuous improvement work environment that allows you to grow both professionally and personally, in addition to always looking for new talents, today I am here, tomorrow could be you!


Head of the Human Talent area

"Luzars is a free space to dream and create, the possibilities are unlimited when you trust your talents and walk in the company of a company that believes in your potential. For me Luzars is synonymous of passion, vitality and transformation, it is sowing with love and expanding the arms to the universe. Luzars is not an industry, it is our company
Our team is dynamic, creative,
proactive and with initiative,
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