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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe advanced technology used in the design and construction of our Luzars induction power supplies allowed us to have a great acceptance in the market. Among the most significant technological advantages we can mention the following:

Topology based on recent developments of three elements investors (resonant L-LC ) that offer high robustness against output short circuit and the ability to easily fit different working coils in a wide range of frequencies.

Another advantage of the L-LC resonant circuit respect to series resonant circuits, frequently used by competitors, is that it greatly reduces the current in the secondary of the isolation transformer (by a factor of 3 to 10 times). This characteristic will decrease the energy losses in the output heating head and give us the chance to use the heating coil closer to inaccessible points in the manufacturing process, using flexible extension cables that do not require any cooling.

P1000080_PROLuzars induction power supplies are built with advanced modules of transistors IGBT and MOSFET allowing a wider range of working frequencies, greater reliability and reduced energy losses by heating in the modules.

In the design of our power supplies we have achieved a good balance by providing the equipment with enough interfaces, control elements and protections for a variety of industrial applications, and on the other hand the design of our equipment is not really complicate for easy maintenance and repair if necessary.

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