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 Induction forging solutions have been implemented in dozens of applications, mainly in the metallurgy and foundry industries. Examples of materials you can process with forging induction are aluminum, brass, copper, steel and stainless steel.

a elegirThe piece can reach the forging temperature in a shorter time than by conventional methods. Induction besides being a very repetitive process provides accurate control of the temperature which achieves a very homogeneous heating process. All components are subject to the same temperature, so there’s no risk of the wrong temperature producing the wrong shape or damaging the tools in the next production step.

a elegir_PROBesides its greater efficiency in the use of energy, induction produces less oxidation and dross to the surface, which improves the quality of the components, which is important for the metallurgical composition of metals and the protection of the tools. If you have a specific forging application, feel free to contact our Luzars engineers.