HISTORY OF ASEPSA (LUZARS) image001ASEPSA (Abastecimientos y Servicios Electrónicos Profesionales) company that owns the brand Luzars, was established in 1997 by a group of local investors in Mexico City, it started operations selling industrial electronic components, and providing repair service and industrial electronic equipment design. The company is currently located in Querétaro México.

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1999. ASEPSA enters to the market of manufacturing PCB cards, capacitors, transformers and various spare parts for induction equipment. 2001. Design and manufacture of the first induction heating equipment 1.5 kW with our own technology, using MOSFETS transistors. 2004. We launched our Luzars brand for induction equipment with models 2.5, 5 and 10 kW and operating at frequencies of 50-450 kHz. 2006. We designed and built the first power supply of 100 kW with IGBT’s transistors. 2008. We designed and built the first power supply of 300 kW which is exported to USA. 2009. We developed our own technology for brazing copper and aluminum tubes without using filler material, excellent solution for refrigeration and air conditioning industries. 2011. Luzars exported to Korea the first brazing equipments for tubes without filler material. 2012. We successfully launched the businesses of Induction Hardening and Induction brazing maquila. And we achieved the ISO 9001-2008 certification. 2013. A clear business expansion in the Mexican market of induction heating equipment, applications development and induction hardening maquila.

Evolution of our induction heating equipment

REF Throughout the years we have become specialists in induction heating technology and have developed dozens of applications for our clients. We are currently developing several projects to be launched in the short and medium term. If you have any specific application please feel free to contact our engineers.


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