6Any time that your aluminum parts require brazing process, contact Luzars. Induction brazing process could be the logical choice as it provides a dependable, strong joint at the most competitive cost. Our engineers will always do their best to develop a high quality and controllable induction brazing process, with the best coil design, and if necessary determine which fillers, fluxes or atmospheres are best suited to preserve your aluminum parts’ integrity by not melting them.

7Depending on the technical specifications and the economic desirability all kinds of aluminum parts for different applications like industrial and automotive air conditioning systems, evaporators, condensers connections, etc. could be joined by induction brazing. All kind of joints tube-to-tube, tube-to-block, tube-to-tank, tube-to-valve, could be done by induction brazing.

No matter if your aluminum components are for the automotive, refrigeration, pipe production or any other industry, induction could be the suitable process to achieve the best brazing results.   According to our customers’ specifications, steps in the induction brazing process could include coil design, parameters process design with or without inert gas atmosphere, application of filler metal, heating, cooling, leak proof and cleaning. Luzars counts with the appropriate suppliers who offer a wide variety of metal-joining products in a wide range of engineered forms to achieve your customers’ needs. In the attached photos you can see some samples of different applications and geometries, some of which may be similar to your requirement.


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