Induction brazing

Induction heating technology is steadily displacing open flames and ovens as the preferred heat source in brazing. There are many reasons for this growing popularity:

5Induction produces heat within the base metals, is a process in which the metals being joined never come into contact with flames, which protects the base metals from warping, which in turn increases yield and product quality in a highly repeatable process, at the same time induction lets operator view the brazing process, something that is difficult with flames. This and precise heating minimize the risk of overheating, which causes weak joints.

4Induction brazing joints are very strong, leak-proof and very versatile. You can join a wide range of metals like Copper, Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Iron, Nickel, Carbides, etc. in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Since brazing does not melt the base metals, it is ideal for joining metals with different melting temperatures. Induction brazing can also be performed with inert gas atmosphere when necessary to keep the piece free of rust.

Luzars, Induction Brazing

If you want to join any of these materials, Luzars will certainly have the ability to create an induction brazing solution that meets your specific needs.


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