Induction hardening

6More and more companies are opting for induction-based hardening solutions, the key reason that make it such an attractive choice is because with induction hardening we treat each work piece individually. This means each and every work piece is hardened to very precise specifications, only the material in the heating zone is heated. There’s no need to treat the whole mass of the component.

The hardening results depend upon a complex interaction of process parameters such as coil and quench design, material analysis, component geometry, heating frequency and power and quenching cycles. At Luzars we have all the expertise required in electromagnetism, power electronics, PLC programming, metallurgy and induction hardening process setup, to get the best heating pattern for each hardened component.

5Induction heating is a clean, flameless, no-contact technology. And since it precisely delivers heat only when and where it’s needed, induction hardening is extremely efficient, particularly when compared to wasteful methods such as furnace carburizing. Also induction hardening typically uses water or polymer emulsion; thus avoiding the use of environmentally unfriendly oil baths. These features are not only good news for the environment, they also contribute to a safer, healthier and more productive workplace.

Induction Hardening


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