Gears and Rings

1Any time that your gears or rings require induction hardening and tempering to achieve their optimum physical properties, contact us. Our engineers will always do their best to develop an induction process to match the hardening profile you are looking for, and maximize the performance of your gears and rings.

3All kinds of gears and rings made with the suitable materials can be induction hardened, could be with external or internal teeth. Depending on the technical specifications of the induction hardening profile and the economic desirability, gears and sprockets could be hardened all teeth at once or tooth by tooth, at the same time Induction can heat precisely localized zones in gears and sprockets, achieving the same degree of localized hardening obtained with carburizing, but no mask is required at any time.

In the attached photos you may notice some examples of the induction hardening profiles we have achieved, obtaining the satisfaction of our customers, all the gears and rings have been heated by using always Luzars technology equipments. You can be sure that surface hardness and effective case depth are always under control due to our very repetitive production process and the reliability of our quality system.



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