Shafts and Axles

1If you need induction hardening and tempering for any axle, shaft or other cylindrical part plain or with splines, no matter if your parts are for the automotive, aeronautical, metalworking or even oil industry, and you want to achieve their optimum physical properties, contact Luzars. Our qualified engineers will always do their best to develop an induction process to match the hardening profile you need, and maximize the performance of your shafts, axles and cylindrical parts.

5All kinds of axles, shafts and cylindrical parts made with the suitable materials can be induction hardened, could be plain or splined parts, in all sizes up to 10 inches in diameter and 2.5 meters long. According to the technical specifications of the induction hardening profile and the economic feasibility, we will always use the appropriate Luzars technology to meet the technical specifications of our customers, the induction single shot hardening or scan hardened.

7We have a successful experience getting very controlled induction hardening profiles of external diameters, you can see some samples in the attached photos, these results have been possible due to the combination between the Luzars technology equipments and the great experience of our technicians. Surface hardness and effective case depth are always under control due to the high repeatability of our production process and the reliability of our quality system.


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