Casting Aplication

2Induction heating is a smart and proven way of melting metals. The induction melting is fast and much cleaner than a traditional furnace because the heat is generated within the material, it’s not a transfer process as with traditional methods (gas furnace, generator motor, open flames). Because of this, the process is very efficient, achieving a continuous casting of molten metal, and it’s not needed to purify after the melting, which makes it possible to cut one step in the production process.

Induction is also safer and has a better cost-effectiveness. No open flames that produces substantial heat losses or increase the risk of occupational injury or even fire.

a elegir (2)Additionally, induction heat is accurate and repeatable, which is important to ensure the quality of casting processes. For specific applications please contact our Luzars engineers, they will advise you to get the best technical option for your foundry application.

Casting Aplication


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