Heat treating Aplications

1The induction hardening is one of the main fields of application of the induction heating technology. The main benefit of induction heating for hardening is that it takes just a few seconds. In a conventional furnace, the same process can take hours or even days. How is that possible?

2The answer is that induction is phenomenal at generating heat fast. This, in turn, means you can integrate induction hardening in-line in a very repetitive process. Hardening in a furnace, on the other hand, is more time-consuming (greater heat loss) and requires moving the components either to your own furnace or to that of a sub-contractor.  In-line integration of hardening reduces your lead times considerably. You get full control over quality, delivery times and costs.

Luzars, Induction Hardening

3The most common uses of induction treating include: induction hardening, tempering, normalizing and stress relieving. Contact our Luzars engineers for your specific application.


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