Other applications

Paint curing

curado de pinturaCuring of paint and adhesives by induction process is a solution to minimize the coating defects that are created by the bubbles formed by the heat from an external source. Because of this, curing of paint and adhesives can work successfully in continuous production if done by induction.

Metallic inserts

insertosThe heating times of the inserts are very short and the temperature is perfectly controlled, with these two features is possible avoid crystallization in the surrounding area, due to the speed of the process we can prevent oxide formation. For this reasons the insertion process is accelerated, resulting in a continuous production of excellent results.

Heat sealing

TERMOSELLADOIf you have the need for sealing plastic to metal, plastic to plastic (using metal joints), glass to metal or rubber to metal, all these processes can be done by induction. Through induction heating we apply localized heat in the area to be sealed, achieving a rapid and controlled sealing.

Tube welding

tubosThis application is further enhanced when induction is used. Due to concentration of high currents the tube reaches the melting temperature exactly at the junction point. So welding can be performed continuously, quickly, cleanly and without affecting the physical and chemical composition of the part, achieving excellent bonding.


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