Our Advantages

  • Advanced design technology, compact and very efficient.
  • Extension cable to bring the working coil or inductor to the process.
  • Power supplies easy to operate and calibrate.
  • Designed for continuous operation.
  • With digital meters for power, current, voltage and frequency.
  • Fully protected.
  • High power factor.
  • Equipment that require little maintenance.
  • Timer included 0-100 seconds.
  • We provide the water recirculation and cooling system.
  • We design coils or inductors for your applications.
  • Excellent technical assistance and application development.
  • Extensive range of spare parts.
  • We provide maintenance for Luzars equipment.
  • Great service to our customers.


ref Phone. Fax (442) 295-2969
y 295-2970

International Sales:

Local Sales: hector.sosa@luzars.com

Conjunto Industrial San Antonio. Carr. Al Campo Militar # 305 Int K. Col. San Antonio de la Punta Querétaro, Qro., México, CP 76135,México.